On 29th March 2018 from 3pm at the Venturina Terme Congress Centre will take place a Life REWAT meeting  dedicated to the Cornia Valley farmers.

The event will make aware the attendees of the water crisis problem and will present the results of the "subirrigazione", an  irrigation technique used in a farm in Campiglia Marittima.

Also, there will be presented the progress of some projects realized in 2017 by Consorzio di Bonifica 5 Toscana Costa, Asa Spa and the municipality of Campiglia Marittima to fight the water crisis.

Speeches by: Alessandro Fabbrizzi of Consorzio Bonifica 5 Toscana Costa and president of Life REWAT Project; Roberto Pandolfi, techincal supervisor of Consorzio Bonifica 5 Toscana Costa; Alberto Mantino and Giovanna De Filippis of Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna of Pisa. Marco Bottino, president of ANBI Toscana; Giancarlo Vallesi, president of Consorzio Bonifica 5 Toscana Costa and Rossana Soffritti, mayor of Campiglia Marittima will also attend the event.

Gianni Anselmi, president of the Seconda Commissione of Regione Toscana which deals with agriculture, food farming and zootechnics, will end the day.

Farmers that will attend the event will receive some useful tools supported by Life REWAT Project.

29th March 2018

Sala Convegni Sefi

Centro Congressi Fiera

Venturina Terme