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logo home life 4The Life project Rewat started on 15th September 2015, urged by the territories and thanks to the desire to protect the water resource. This resourse is been recognized as valuable for the Val di Cornia, a portion of land of Regione Toscana that takes its name from the River Cornia, the artery of this territory. Finally, in 2014 this project has obtained the European funding for Life projects. The REWAT project aims at implementing a number of demonstration measures for the sustainable management of water resources of the lower Cornia valley, both structural (pilot interventions) and non-structural (education and training), which will form the basis for a governance processes (Basin Contract) aimed at sharing a long-medium term strategy for sustainable water management in the concerned hydrological system.

With the contribution of the LIFE Programme of the European Union (LIFE14 ENV/IT/001290)

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