The General Objective (GO) of the REWAT project is to develop a participated strategy for integrated water resources management at sub-catchment level, as a model of governance for sustainable development of the lower Val di Cornia. This demonstration is exportable in other similar contexts at Mediterranean and European scale. Within this project, this strategy - adaptive towards Climate Change - refers to the water budget (re)balancing of the complex system of the lower river Cornia, through a rationalization of (civil and agricoltural) water consumption and an increase in intentional groundwater infiltration rates (through river morphological restoration and managed aquifer recharge).
In relation to the lower Cornia’s plain, the purpose of the project consists of four Specific Objectives:

  • (SO1) fostering an integrated knowledge structure on the hydrogeological system;
  • (SO2) awakening and proactively involving water users about the importance of water saving and of groundwater banking (these subjects are both public and private, individual or organized, and they make up the community which directly or indirectly affects the water budget of the hydrogeological basin of the lower Cornia’s plain);
  • (SO3) demonstrating the technical feasibility, the economical advantage and the environmental sustainability of some technical solutions for the natural and managed recharge of the aquifer, together with some effective solutions for water saving;
  • (SO4) developing an integrated and participated governance tool for surface and groundwater management at a sub-catchment scale, that will lead to signing a "Basin Contract", a pioneer experience in Italy of Negotiated Agreement involving all the waterbodies (fluvial, groundwater, transitional and coastal) of a same subcatchment.