The project LIFE- REWAT at the LIFE Water Platform Meeting with the theme: WATER WORKS – Overcoming challenges to achieving good water status in urban areas

Chiara Marchina from Scuola Superiore S.Anna had participated to the LIFE Water Platform meeting, organized by the European Commission and the collaboration of The Environment Agency of England.
The event, carried out the Science Museum of Manchester was a great opportunity to discuss the main aspects of the LIFE-REWAT project with colleagues from the other European countries in order to add to the body of knowledge and further the ability to resolve some of these particularly difficult water management challenges.
The topic of this event was concerned Urban Waters and the difficulties that are encountered in meeting the Water Framework Directive requirements. The EU published ‘A Blueprint to Safeguard Europe’s Water Resources´ in November 2012. A number of issues which prevented Good Water Status being achieved, and which were common across the Member States, were highlighted in this document. In the Water Platform Meeting, during the poster session and the working group, it was explored the contribution LIFE-REWAT projects make to solve some of these particularly difficult issues and ultimately how this might impact on policy and decision making in the future.