On January 10th the representatives of the primary and lower secondary schools of Piombino, Campiglia, Venturina and Suvereto had a meeting to analyse all the activities completed and based on the Rewat project.

From 2017 teachers started participating at training courses with the aim to learn the most important topics of Rewat, focusing on the sewage water reuse, the aquifer recharge, the reduction of water loss and the use of water in a respectful way, in the agricultural, industrial and civil environment.

After the training, teachers worked with students doing a variety of activities, as the creative writing of poems, the production of small plastics which describe the water cycle, games that use water as the main topic. Panels and illustrations have been created and the production of a magazine that examine water from a scientific, literary, meteorological, has been launched.

The participating guests have been informed about a day dedicated to the thematic of water which will take place at Venturina’s fair next spring and will involve students from all schools.

At the end of the meeting, Alessandro Fabbrizzi, project manager of Rewat, invited the participants to support the “Contratto di Fiume” which will be launched soon, and will involve the participation of schools in order to train them on the correct and responsible use of water.