Last Friday the Life REWAT project co-financiers Municipalities attended the Open Day on the Cornia river. President Giancarlo Vallesi, General Manager Roberto Benvenuto and Project Coordinator Alessandro Fabbrizzi greeted the attendees at the Consorzio 5 Toscana Costa headquarters and briefly updated them on Life REWAT  status of works before starting the visit of 2 of the 5 locations where the demonstrative interventions took place. Councilors Vito Bartalesi (Municipality of Campiglia Marittima), Claudio Capuano (Municipality of Piombino) and Jessica Pasquini (Municipality of Suvereto) observed closely the intervention on the managed aquifer recharge facility, currently operative in Suvereto, together with Life REWAT Project scientific coordinator and researcher at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Rudy Rossetto.

The first results are extremely encouraging: almost 5000 cbm per day, with an aquifer recharge of 100.000 cbm in 20 days, raising the aquifer level of 80-100 cm. The tour continued to the precision irrigation plant for artichoke plantation implemented in a farm in Caldanelle (Municipality of Campiglia Marittima), where Project Coordinator Fabbrizzi and Rossetto described how the plant operates: during the first season the water consumption has been reduced by 80% and the performance has been excellent thanks to a monitoring system which provides water to the roots just when needed. This event has been an important occasion to raise awareness among Administrators and citizens about the innovative technologic investment conducted by REWAT Project. This event made clear that the implementation of new tools and technologies can really help with the resolution of worldwide critical issues such as sustainable management of water resource, reduction of leaks and waste, wastewater reuse, aquifer recharge of water flows and their redevelopment to deal with the problem of floods and hostile meteorological conditions.

“I’m satisfied with the Administrations attendance - declares President Vallesi - it’s a sign of the attention of this very demanding area  to the water subject and to the environmental sustainability (for cultivations quality and value and industrial, productive and civil use)”.


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