On Wednesday 13th March, Venturina will host a meeting in which the project advisor of Life Rewat Malgorzata Piecha and the monitor Roberto Ghezzi will participate.

During this appointment the demonstrative interventions such as the recharge of the aquifer, the rehabilitation of the Cornia river, the irrigation system activated in the Comune of Campiglia Marittima, the use of waste water used for the irrigation of the sports field in the Comune of Piombino will be illustrated to the participants.

After this first phase, there will be an inspection of the sites, followed by the visit in the Instituto Comprensivo Carducci of Venturina with the schools which participated at the project. Finally at the headquarters of the Consorzio of Bonifica 5 Toscana Costa there will be a discussion with the majors of Campiglia, Suvereto and Piombino.

The project Life Rewat will end in September 2020 and it involves Asa Spa, Regione Toscana, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna of Pisa and Anbi.